Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our busy day...

My crazy day began with meal planning, grocery list & paying bills. I quickly moved into "show" mode. This is a term I use often when I don't have enough time to clean the house thoroughly - but it's show-worthy...basically - I hit the dishes, counter, floors & tables, and, the rest can be excused away. You know the "Sorry about the mess, it's laundry day". WHATEVER - we all know it was laundry day 4 days ago, and, the stacks are still sitting there! Unfortunately my dear hubby was working today - he's an awesome help around the house.
Cole & I interviewed a lovely girl from in town today to be a part-time babysitter for Cole. This was a HUGE step for me since I have never left him with anyone other than family & very close friends. She's only a freshman, but has experience with Children with Autism so my hope is she will stick with us through high school. She was cute & very sweet...I hope she works out.
Off to visit Norm today, bandages came off from his surgery & his face looks GREAT. Whipped up a Chicken & Stuffing Casserole for the in-laws for dinner, and, then off to the next task at hand.
THEN came the yucky part of the day....Walmart & Grocery Shopping with Cole. First of all - I am getting to the point that I hate Walmart. Every time I go in there I get sucked into 10 extra things I do not need -- and, I'm finding their prices are getting higher and higher. child has a terrible case of the gimmies. Being an only child he's quite spoiled - and - his Dad doesn't make that any better :( I'm hoping with some strong discipline this will start to diminish.
To finish it's currently WWF (or whatever it's called now) in my living room floor. I'm pretty sure the dog is winning.....
Looking forward to Sunday...and, hopefully a nice long nap :)

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