Saturday, January 19, 2013

the {perfect} Saturday

It's Saturday morning, here I sit in my comfy chair, sipping coffee with a great book while I watch my dressed, hair combed, teeth brushed boys play peacefully. The house is clean, the refrigerator is stocked, the bills are paid, the errands are ran. The entire day is ours to do with whatever our heart desires.

.....and then I woke up.

Rather, it's 9:45a, my boys are WOUND UP & the TV is blaring. I have a ginormous pile of dirty laundry at the bottom of the stairs (right in he path of where you must walk to access the kitchen or the bathroom) waiting to be washed, dried, folded & put away. My 7 year old is running around in his boxers (like he is everyday 20 minutes after he gets off the bus) and my 2 year old is completely commando on the bottom half....he thinks if he pees in the potty like he's asked their is no need for pants of any kind, oh and the kitchen floor has yet to clean itself.

Reality is, Saturday's are never "perfect" in my house. Well at least not what my brain thinks perfect is. But, my boys do get to play together (which they LOVE) and I do get catch up on some housework (sometimes), and usually we have the house in a semi-clean state before my dear hubby gets home. Saturday nights are movies, popcorn, games & good fun in our house. And if we're lucky, some time in the hot tub for my dearest & I after the kids are in bed. I guess perfection is what you make it. Does this mean that I'm content with the state of my, I'm stressed to the max most Saturdays, but I'm content with the state of my family...and that's more important in my book :)

Happy Weekend Mama's :)

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