Thursday, January 17, 2013

my {not so} perfect home

The book I've been reading No More Perfect Moms has challenged me in just about every chapter. The 8th chapter, No More Perfect Homes, was so eye opening for me. I am self-diagnoses OCD, I need order, I need cleanliness or I'm stressed to no end. Prior to children, this was obtainable. But now...well, now I have 2 very active little boys with lots of stuff and I'm practically always in a state of panic over the condition of my home. I "know" it's visual clutter & not dirt...but I "think" other Moms can keep it cleaned up better than I can. As Jill would say "I'm comparing my insides to someone else's outsides", not exactly apples to apples!

So, in honor of Jill's 3rd Thursday Blog Hop over at Hearts at Home, I'm opening up my home to all it's realness! (sorry about the quality of the photos, I was planning to do a video tour, but have a sickie today so I didn't think you would want to hear all the fussing along with it! So I just snapped some pictures with my phone of what things look like here this morning)

This is a stack of Christmas Decor, it's been sitting on the Dining Room table for about 2 weeks, waiting to be put in the basement. The basement is about 10 steps from the DR table, just in case you were wondering :)

This is the mess in living room floor from last night. Just in case you missed it, that is a pair of underwear laying on the rug, size 2T...jury's still out if they were dirty or clean, after about 10 seconds of debate I tossed them in the laundry rather than take a wiff. Also a random slipper...even Mom leaves stuff out from time to time :)

And the kitchen table...random sock (same rule applies as the undies..just tossed in the laundry! ha!), Uno Attack, Robot & Mom's glass of ice tea from family game night :) ('s looking like Mom isn't doing so hot on her own standards, huh?!) 

 Monday - Friday my little buddy hangs out in the high chair. Saturday & Sunday it's a catch all. That would be Lego's, Sunday School crafts & anti-aging products. Yep..I'd guess they all have a home OTHER than the high chair tray!

And this my friends, this is the kitchen counter...full of dirty dishes. This is my biggest reveal yet. What a mess! Ugh. Who wants to start Monday off like this? NOT ME!

Ladies, these pictures could go on & on. I could show you my floors that need cleaned, the toilet with the ring in it, the toothpaste splatter on the bathroom mirror, or the stained carpet. How about the microwave that sporting last week's spaghetti explosion or the refrigerator crisper drawer with the "mystery juice" under it. Yep...this is my life. But, I'm learning it's also real life. Is it how I live everyday? Not all of it, but some of it! 

I also struggle with wanting more space, no decorating sense whatsoever & a desire for "curb appeal" that I can never follow through with. 

Being a wife & mother is hard work! If all we did was clean all day everyday our homes would be sparkling (maybe), but our relationships would stink. If we invested in everything we see that we want, our visual appeal might be better, but our bank accounts would be screaming. We still have to carve out time for our husbands & children, time for God, time for rest & renewal. We still have to live within our means. Without these things the Mommy Monster shows up...and that is no fun! 

So today, if you have any messes like this, give yourself grace. And if you don't have any messes like this...we can't be friends anymore. Sorry. :)

Love & Hugs!


  1. Way to be real! And way to actually live in your house! :)

  2. Thanks Kristin! I'm a little nervous...these pictures will be on a slide for the entire church to see Sunday! ha! We are promoting our Moms Ministry (REAL Moms) on Sunday so I thought I would make everyone "feel at home" with our group :)
    If I don't chicken out...:)

  3. I love this: "Being a wife & mother is hard work! If all we did was clean all day everyday our homes would be sparkling (maybe), but our relationships would stink." It is all about relationships. Thanks for a great post!

  4. Your counter exposure with the dirty dishes made me smile. We are not alone!

  5. You are definitely not Tristi!