Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Celebrating our 1st Born

This Thursday marks the 6th, and, Golden Birthday of our First Born, Cole. We are so very blessed that the Lord entrusted him to us!

Our Celebration started last weekend with a Farm Party. One of Cole's favorite places is at my Sister's House - she just happens to live on a big farm. Horses, ponies, cows, bulls, goats...yes, the list goes on & on and he loves every minute of it. Josh & Lindsey graciously agreed to host his annual wiener roast birthday party at their house.

We were so excited that most of my family (immediate & extended) were able to celebrate with us. We enjoyed a bonfire, hayride, wobble wagon, pony rides, petting zoo, even soft serve ice cream!

By the end of the day Cole was covered in dirt & had a huge smile on his face. Before he fell asleep on the long ride home, he said "Mommy & Daddy, I just love today". Those moments are so precious. Cole has so much to celebrate this year, he has truly worked hard to get to where he is!

The celebration continues with a Party with his school & church friends this Sunday, and, a Party with Jason's Family next weekend. While we normally would not have 3 birthday parties, I'm kind of glad we can show him just how much he means to us with all of these celebrations this year.

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