Thursday, June 9, 2011

Diaper Review

I will admit, with my oldest, Cole, I was a total diaper snob. I only used Huggies as a little baby, then Pampers when he got a little bigger. However, with Jacob, I'm stepping outside the box!

A girlfriend gave me a box of Target Up & Up brand as a shower gift. She promised me I would not be disappointed. I honestly thought - I will be cashing these in for the money back guarantee - I just had never had any luck with store brand diapers. Well...let me tell you. They are almost the exact same as Pampers - they are AMAZING! No leaks! And, you can get coupons on for Up & Up from time to time! But, since our closest target is an hour away, I felt like I needed to keep searching for cheaper options, closer to home.

One day I had a coupon for Walgreens brand diapers, and, they were on sale - making the diapers about .14 each (I never want to pay more than .17 per diaper since that's what I can get name brand at SAMS for). I also knew they had 100% money back guarantee, so, I tried them. They are good! Very, Very Similar to the Target brand. No leaks!

Then I got even braver. Are you ready...Dollar General Brand...(oh, I hear the gasps now!). They also have 100% money back guarantee - which, I thought, hmmm...good chance I will be cashing that in. Well....we are on day 3 with..NO LEAKS! They are not as cushy as Target & Walgreens...but they do the job!

I still want to try other brands. Walmart, CVS, even the SAMS store brand. But, for now, this is my findings :)

Do you use store brands? If so, which brands do you love & hate?!


  1. I am still a bit of a Huggies snob. I don't like how some diapers smell. Weird, right? I have started using subscribe and save with amazon and it is awesome. I get cheap diapers and they are shipped right to my door. This link shows size 1-2 diapers for only .11 per diaper. I have to buy size four so they are more expensive, but still, it is cheaper than Sam's where I used to shop. I buy wipes and diaper genie refills from amazon as well.

  2. I have only used Subscribe & Save once - but was very happy with it when I did - although it was a non-diaper purchase. I will have to start checking them out on there. Jacob is in size 3's - and will be for awhile :)

  3. I don't make it to the store very often so my choices are limited. I love being able to just sit down at my computer when supplies are low and order a new shipment straight to my house. I also like the free shipping :) I can send gifts to family and get it there free in 2 days! What did you order when you used amazon subscribe an save? Was it a good deal that I need to know about?

  4. A workout video! Needless to hasn't been used much :(