Monday, March 22, 2010

It's weird that I feel so much different this time around. With my first pregnancy I was SICK before I even found out, and, felt terrible for about 4 months. But, this time I actually feel good so far. I did heed the advice of my Dr and start eating several small snacks a day to try to help fend off any nausea. I'm really scared of weight gain this time since I am much heavier now than I was when I got pregnant with I'm shooting for those snacks to be a wee bit healthier than last time!

I have been really tired, but still felt like I needed to keep trying to exercise before I just get completely out of the habit. Rather than walking today too, I just did a 35 minute session of Yoga. It was good, and, it gave me a bit more energy (briefly), but my muscles are paying for it! I would love to keep this up at least 3 times a week for awhile if I could. I was WAY out of shape last pregnancy, so it would be cool to experience it a bit different this time.

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