Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rediscovering God's Word

Yesterday I received the sweetest blessing.

A knock on the door in the afternoon and the UPS lady handed me a box. Inside...the new NIV devotional bible I have wanted so bad. Several of my favorite authors from Proverbs 31 Ministries wrote the daily devotions, and I love how each one speaks right to my heart. When this bible was released, I knew I wanted it. When I saw a friend have it in Sunday School, I wanted it even more! But, my stay at home/do not contribute financially to the home anymore status kept me from feeling like I could buy yet another bible (I own several already). Just for clarification, my sweet husband DOES NOT think this way...it's just the silly voices in my own head that said that, not him! My heart was overwhelmed with gratitude that someone would purchase this for me. Thank you, Julie, you blessed me more than you will ever know :)

Of course I couldn't wait to dive right in last night! I made the mistake of jumping the gun and thinking I could sit down & read before my boys went to bed. Since it was a Monday night we had a little bit of Monday Night Raw in my living room floor with a 38,7 & 2 year old...I can't say I got much reading done then! But as soon as they were down I couldn't wait to crack it back open. Isn't there something so awesome about opening a new bible? I just feel like I have to start right back at Genesis 1 and relive all the awe of those first 7 days of creation. I *may* have also read 3 days of devotions as I excitedly flipped through those pages :)

I love that I'm at a place in my life now where I feel God's Word come alive when reading the bible. It wasn't always that way for me....well, really it still isn't always that way. Sometimes it feels so analytical & confusing, other times it a hard truth to hear...but more than not I'm encouraged these days at His promises. If you have not yet gotten to that place in your bible reading...don't stop! It will come. Try other versions of the bible, sometimes it's simply not the right reading style for you. Even though I'm a big fan of the NIV, I often find myself referencing a scripture in The Message or even KJV to help me understand it better. Read books that use God's Word to drive home the point. 99% of what I read is Christian books geared toward Marriage & Parenting - they all use scripture to support ideas. This was probably one of the best ways for me to get interested in getting into The Word when I was struggling.

Now, I want to know about your preferences!

Do you own this bible yet? Do you have another favorite?

Do you have a translation or paraphrase of the Bible that is your "go-to" reference?

Are you a rebel (like me!) and write or highlight in your bible?

Love & Hugs

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