Monday, December 31, 2012

Do you suffer from Perfection Infection? Yeah, me too....

I have long been a fan of Jill Savage, Author & Founder of Hearts at Home, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that I was selected to be a part of the launch team for her new book "No More Perfect Moms" scheduled to release February 4, 2013.

Perfectionism exists at my very core. I have struggled through life unable to relax & enjoy much because of my need for it to all be "just so". I am being brutally honest when I say this book scares me....I'm not sure I want to venture down the road of imperfection. BUT, I know that I need too for the sake of my children. The crazy expectations I have put on myself, my marriage, my children, my home...well, it's just that...CRAZY! No one could ever live up to those standards. So, for the sake of all of our sanity...I'm going to give it a go & try to cure my Perfection Infection!

One of the neat things about being on the launch team is getting to read the book before it's release. I just finished Chapter 3, and I can say the book is awesome! Jill really "exposes" so many of our fears as Moms and assures us that it is OK...we are not the only ones. We are not the only one that yells, or punishes out of embarrassment or anger. We are not the only one that walks into church on Sunday smiling...knowing we spent the 20 minute car ride screaming at each other. We are not the only Mom that feels like a failure because one too many nights this week the family had pizza rather than a healthy meal for dinner. We are not the only ones. And the sooner we take off the perfection masks we wear and show each other it's OK to be real....the sooner we stop suffering from these feelings!

In the coming days I will be posting more about the book & my experience on this journey. In mid-February I plan to host an online book study, and would love to have you join us!

In the meantime, I've listed a few ways that you can begin this journey yourself now, before the book even hits the stores :)

1.  Sign Up for Jill Savage's "No More Perfect Moms" 31-Day Email Challenge. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic way to start the new year. You don't have to have the book {which doesn't release until February anyway} to be part of this.Click here so you can start receiving real-life encouragement in your inbox on Jan. 1.

2.  Don't buy the book yet, but get ready to do so Feb. 4-9. Along with the release of "No More Perfect Moms," Hearts at Home and Moody Publishers will offer additional bonus resources worth more than $100 if you order/buy the book anytime Feb. 4-9. Click here to learn more about this and sign up to receive the email reminder.

3.  Visit "No More Perfect Moms" WebsiteThis is where you can share stories, learn more about the book, and view motherhood resources.

Happy New Year, Friends!

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